How do You Know You Need Pest Control in Toowoomba?

Pest control in Toowoomba has never been easier than calling Holloway and Co. Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control. We specialise in top quality and highly effective pest control measures throughout your home. 

We can help you find and get rid of termites, as well as spiders, cockroaches, mice and rats, moths, fleas, ants, lice, wasps, bedbugs, borers, silverfish, and carpet beetles. Our methods are safe and work quickly so you can get on with your normal life. Not sure you have a pest problem? Here’s how you can tell.

Pest Droppings

One of the best ways to determine if you have some kind of pest in your home is to look for droppings. Insects, mice, and rats will all leave behind their faecal material. Smaller insects might not leave obvious droppings so you’ll need to look closely or have us come out and see what we can see. Pest droppings are a classic sign that you need to have a pest control treatment carried out as soon as possible.

Physical Damage to Your Home

If you have a termite problem, you might be able to see the damage by doing an inspection of your home. Damaged wood is a sure sign that you have a termite infestation and gnaw marks on wooden decks or furniture, both inside and outside your home, can be a sign that you have rats or mice. Any other physical damage to your structure could indicate a pest problem so be sure to contact us right away to take care of it.

Damaged Plants

If you notice damage to your outdoor or indoor plants, chances are you have some type of pest infestation. Look for brown, dead patches in your grass, bite marks on the leaves of your plants and other damage you can’t explain. Beetles, flies, and other pests can cause this damage and you’ll need to get rid of the pests so you can keep your plants from dying.

Other Signs

There are a variety of other indications that you have pests. They include nesting materials, greasy tracks on your walls, brown marks near the sinks and tubs in your home, opened pet food, damaged pantry items and the presence of eggs. Of course, you might also see the pests themselves. In any of these cases, we can help you find the pests and get rid of them efficiently.

When you need pest control in Toowoomba, contact us here at Holloway and Co Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control. Quality service guaranteed every time.

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