Living here in Australia, it’s fair to say that we are more than accustomed to coming across a creepy crawly or two over the course of the year! When you are brought around such varied insect life, you learn not to be too scared of them, but that doesn’t stop certain species from being incredibly annoying, nor negate the need to call pest control in Toowoomba sometimes!

Here at Holloway Pest And Carpet, we happen to think that mosquitoes are right up there in the competition for most annoying insects, and we like to give our customers tips for avoiding them as best they can. With that in mind, here is some information about whether mozzies like to live in plants, and what can be done about it if so.

  • In general, mosquitoes live and rest in things like tall grass, weeds, and brush areas near locations that are near homes and other buildings. They breed in stagnant freshwater that can be found near homes such as buckets of water, tin cans, even discarded tires and other debris!

  • When it comes to their relationship with garden plants, you see mosquitoes around them so much because they like to feed on nectar and plant juices to supplement their bloodthirst.

  • There are some plant species that mozzies do not like to be around, as they have repelling properties.

    • If you are in need of plant suggestions for keeping the mosquito presence in your own garden down to an absolute minimum, then you should be looking into planting things like citronella grass, bee balm, clove, sweet fern, wild bergamot, vanilla leaf, nodding onion, Mexican marigold, and lemongrass. Whilst not being an absolutely failsafe deterrent, there are properties in all of these plants that are known to be deterring for mosquitos. They certainly don't want to feed from them.

    • On the other side of the spectrum, plants that you should avoid because they are big mozzie magnets include water lilies, Taro, water hyacinths, and papyrus.

    If you ever find yourself in need of professional pest control in Toowoomba, please don’t hesitate to think of us for your first choice!

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