What pests can you get in your carpets?

At a glance from afar everything can seem fine, however if you get your carpets thoroughly cleaned it could unfortunately reveal issues with pests and will require a pest control professional to resolve the issue.

Many of these bugs are attracted to your carpets as firstly it serves as an excellent hiding place and the woolen material of the rug provides a never ending source of food for themselves and their larvae.

A prevalent pest is a carpet moth, individually they aren’t very much a cause for concern, but the female can lay up to 150 eggs and the larvae will then start to eat away at your carpet.

Another popular pest is a carpet beetle which is only around 0.4cm long but similar to carpet moth larvae can end up eating away at your carpet and causing damages.

How to get rid of them with pest control

It is always advised to consult a pest control professional should you have found any pests in your carpet during a thorough cleaning, however there are steps you can take yourself in order to resolve the issue.

For example if you’ve found carpet beetles in your living room if you want to control the issue yourself first you’re going to have to find out where they are all coming from such as behind cabinets.

Once you have done this a first step would be to get your vacuum out and hoover all of them at the source. After this you’ll want to treat the entire carpet with boric acid which will kill the carpet beetles upon impact.

You’ll also want to wash all of your clothes and fabrics that were in that room as they could have hid there and replace any sheets or linen should it be in the bedroom.

However to be sure that the issue is sorted once and for all it is always best to get a qualified pest control professional in as they will have years of experience in dealing with the pests that are currently causing you a headache and are potentially costing your money through causing damage to your carpets forcing you to get them replaced.

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