Termites are incredibly damaging pests. In Australia, there are approximately 300 types of termites. Thankfully, only a few cause problems. The most common species are subterranean termites, otherwise known as white ants. It is essential to prevent them from infesting your home and causing significant destruction. In Toowoomba, a termite barrier can help you accomplish this. 

Chemical Barriers

Combining termiticide and soil creates a chemical barrier. A vertical barrier is built when termiticide is put in the soil around the pipes and footings underneath the slab. In the construction process, a vertical barrier is constructed by applying termiticide to the soil around the house. A termite barrier in Toowoomba can help protect your home from termite damage.

Some regularly used water-based termiticides include Biflex Aqua Max, Premise, Altriset and Termidor. Altriset is one of the newest liquid termiticides and is safe for humans and pets. Altriset is exempt from the poison listings of the Australian regulatory authorities. All of the water-based termiticides listed above offer very low risk to humans, dogs, cats, and other mammals. 

For extra protection, chemically treated timber can be used when building your property. If you want to incorporate termite barriers into your current property, there may need to be some drilling through porches, floors, concrete slabs, and wall footings. 

Physical Barriers

The most basic type of protection against termites is a physical barrier. It is made up of a level of material that, before your home is constructed, is generally placed under the concrete slab. This material is only useful with keeping away subterranean termites. These termites like to nest in soil and will burrow into your home looking for timber.

Before you know it, they can reach one million in numbers. Within three months, they can damage your wooden structures. It is good to consider physical barriers to keep them at bay. A physical barrier can be non-chemical or chemical, depending on your choice or needs. 

  • Chemical Physical Barrier: This type of barrier consists of polymer sheeting soaked in termiticide to give your home extra protection. This type of plastic physical barrier needs to be put in when your property is in construction stages.
  • Non-chemical Physical Barrier: With this type of barrier, you can install stainless steel mesh in external walls and below concrete slabs during construction. You can also install stone barriers constructed of little granite chips beneath concrete slabs.

It is recommended to have regular termite inspections as well as getting a sound termite barrier. We at Holloway & Co have many years of experience protecting homes from termites in the Toowoomba region. Contact us today or read our services for further information