When those tiny, unwanted guests invade your home, the next step is pest control. However, it’s important to hire pest control in Toowoomba that are pet friendly. That’s where Holloway & Co come in. Take a look at our blog post below to see how we ensure your pets are accommodated for when we provide pest control on your residential property.


When it comes to pest control, pet-friendly is also synonymous with child-friendly and eco-friendly. And the defining factor is the pesticides. At Holloway & Co, we use organic pesticides that are compliant with Australian standards. Not only are our pesticides pet-friendly, we also administer them in a way that your pets’ safety will not be compromised.

As for treatments that are more heavy-duty, we’ll inform you whether you and your family will need to vacate the property for a period of time. When it comes to certain household pests (rodents, fleas, termites), our combination of prevention and treatments will not always require the use of pesticides.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in administering our pet-friendly pesticides in a safe and effective manner. Above all else, we ensure all our pest control services in Toowoomba are safe and appropriate.


Household pests carry certain diseases that can be harmful for you, your children and your pets. But with high-quality pest control services from Holloway & Co, your home will be disease-free, which in turn promotes a sanitary and healthy environment for your four-legged family members.


Our pest control experts at Holloway & Co provide a comprehensive inspection and report prior to treating the property for pests. This offers you peace of mind, as well as the requirements needed to eradicate all pests from your property. All the pet and child-friendly pesticides we use are low irritant, low odourous, and our experienced technicians always place them in a place that’s out of reach for children.


Established in 1951, Holloway & Co are veterans when it comes to expert pest control. Before you get in touch, there’s a list of attributes that we’re proud to own. It’s what makes a long-lasting trademark of the Toowoomba community.

  • We are thorough
  • We are affordable
  • We use only the best products
  • We arrive on-time
  • We keep up to date with industry news
  • We are friendly

Pest control is one of those avoidable things. But when Holloway & Co is involved, rest assured that it’s an easy process that’s safe for the whole family. Keeping your kids and pets safe is our highest priority.


For effective and pet-friendly pest control, contact us today. For more information on pest control and carpet cleaning services, read our previous blog on How To Clean Your Carpet After Pet Problems.