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Clean Carpet — Carpet Cleaning in Toowoomba, QLD
Enjoy the look and feel of a carpet that's been treated with our commercial-grade detergents and heavy-duty cleaning equipment. A professional clean can reduce dirt and bacteria that may affect the health of your family or employees. Holloway's are passionate about creating a healthy living and working environment at your home and workplace.

Restore old carpets back to former glory with a steam clean from us. While a regular vacuum may draw out dust and dirt, a carpet clean from Holloway's can eliminate harmful allergens and prolong the life of your fabric. A professional clean also reduces trapped odours that can be caused by mould and bacteria growing inside your carpet fibres.

To reduce carpet and upholstery stains, our truck mounted hot water extraction equipment will get the job done fast. If your carpet is water damaged, don't give mould a chance to establish itself. Contact Holloway's today and we'll restore your carpet back to its original condition.

We use high-quality, commercial-grade products and detergents that ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently. Complimentary deodorising is a part of our service. We can clean:
  • All types of carpet
  • Rugs
  • Tiles
  • Hard floors & surfaces
  • Lounges & sofas
  • Mattresses
  • Car interiors
We can often deliver same day service.
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Flood Repairs & Insurance Work


Brown and White Carpet— Carpet Cleaning in Toowoomba, QLD
Whether it's from a burst pipe, or a heavy downpour, when your home floods, repairing your carpets is hardly the first thing on your mind. However, left unchecked, flooded carpets can become subject to mould and mildew which is dangerous for your family.

In a flood or other emergency, our technicians can come in and remove the excess water as soon as it is safe to do so. We'll then restore the carpet with a steam clean and deodorising, which is the most effective way to prevent permanent water damage.

Holloway & Co also provide services for insurance claims, which includes working on water damaged carpets. Contact us with your claim number to arrange our services.

Hard Floors


Cleaning a Carpet — Carpet Cleaning in Toowoomba, QLD
Don't waste your time and money hiring several contractors—the talented cleaners at Holloway & Co can clean all of your flooring at once. In addition to carpet cleaning, we can also provide cleaning services on hard flooring such as timber, vinyl and tiles.

We're able to remove more dirt and grime that regular mopping can't, which will leave your hard flooring looking refreshed and sparkling clean.

Our technicians can use quality, environmentally-friendly products on request. All work by our company comes with satifaction guarantee, so don't put off having your floors cleaned any longer!