Frequently asked carpet cleaning & pest control questions


The qualified team at Holloway & Co in the Darling Downs are highly experienced in carpet cleaning and all facets of pest control. We can also clean upholstery, hard flooring, and perform pre-purchase pest inspections for property buyers.

Our knowledgeable team has compiled some of our most commonly received queries regarding pest control and carpet cleaning in your home or business.

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I had my lounge cleaned earlier today, can I sit on it now?

What type of lounges do you clean?

I have an old stain. Can you remove it?

How much furniture do I have to move?

How dry will my carpets be after cleaning?

How soon can I walk on my carpet after it's been cleaned?

Can chewing gum / Blu-tak be removed?

What do I do for blood / vomit / red wine stains?

What do I do for coffee / alcohol stains?

Regarding tile cleaning, will the water splash on my furniture?

What will my old carpet look like after you clean it?